IEEE Northern Canada Section


NCS Executives

Who Are We?

We are a group of individuals working in academia, industry, and government, with backgrounds in electrical technology, electrical engineering, computer engineering, or computing science. We meet on a monthly basis throughout the year, usually in Edmonton.

The operation of the IEEE Section is managed by the Section Executive committee, whose members are elected or appointed every year. The officers are elected by the membership of the Section – the remainder are appointed by the Section chair. The significant procedures relating to Section operations are detailed in the bylaws. We are always looking for IEEE members to assist in these volunteer activities. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Section or Committee volunteer, please contact the Section Chair whose email address is provided below.



Northern Canada Section Executives

NCS Officers
Chair Alexandre Nassif
Vice-Chair Richard Itiveh
Secretary Jim Ellis
Treasurer Amir Rahemtulla
Webmaster Shahram Fardadvand
Past Chair Mooney Sherman


NCS Committees
Awards/Recognition Rossitza Marinova
Educational Activities Sahar Pirooz Azad
Educational Activities Daniel Lang
Humanitarian Initiative Mooney Sherman
IEEE Canadian Foundation Liaison Pankaj Sharma
Industrial Relations Pankaj Sharma
Industrial Relations Edith Bordi
Life Members Andy Jones
Member at Large John Grylls
Member at Large Sabbir Zahed
Member at Large Carl Lam
Membership Development Kelly Butz
Professional/Career Activities Mohammad Reza Enalioui
Section Communication Shahram Fardadvand
Section Communication George Fierlbeck
Teacher in Service Program Rossitza Marinova
Teacher in Service Program Edith Bordi
Women in Engineering (WIE) Saeedeh Ghaaemmaghami
Young Professionals Mohammad Reza Enalioui


NCS Technical Society Chapters
EMBS (Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society) Roger Zemp
MTT/APS Co-Chair (Microwave Theory & Techniques/Antennas & Propagation Society) Mojgan Daneshmand
MTT/APS Co-Chair Ashwin lyer
MTT/APS Treasurer Thomas Jones
MTT/APS Events Planning Officer Vacant
MTT/APS Student Liaison Officer Vacant
MTT/APS Communications Officer Vacant
PES/IAS Chair Carl Lam
PES/IAS Vice Chair David Roth
PES/IAS Secretary Kyle Busby
PES/IAS Treasurer Colten Thurrott
PES/IAS Past Chair Alexandre Nassif
PES/IAS Member at Large Kelly Butz
PES/IAS Public Relations Blaine Larson
PES/IAS Member at Large Kelly Butz
PES/IAS Member at Large Peter Rothwell
PES/IAS Member at Large Piero Aquino-Mesa
PES/IAS Member at Large Daniel Lang
PES/IAS Registrar Shagufta Tasneem
PES/IAS Communications Vacant
PES/IAS Webmaster Colin Madsen
Comp/Com Chair (Computers/Communications Society) Vacant
Comp/Com Vice Chair Vacant
U of A SB Advisor (University of Alberta Student Branch) Jeremy Sit
U of A SB Co-Chair Dominique Dubbeldam
U of A SB Co-Chair Mohamad Deera
U of A SB Past Chair Vacant
U of A SB Secretary Vacant
U of A SB Treasurer Vacant
U of A SB WIE-Chair Vacant
U of A EMBS-Student Chapter Vacant
Concordia SB Advisor Sergey Butakov
Concordia SB Chair Jagvinder Pal Singh
Concordia SB Counselor Vacant

Northern Canada Section established February 1955.

Council affiliation: Western Canada Council